The common area


The common area consists of all the spaces that can be used by the B&B guests outside their room.







 The hall

In the hall there are tables dedicated to the rooms, identified by a placecard with the name of the room itself. In the morning breakfast will be served here. Feel free to use your table as you want for the rest of the day.





The kitchen

Close to the hall there is a kitchen without a hob. There you’ll find:

  • a wall unit dedicated to your room, in which there are plates, cups, glasses and a glass teapot, which you can use freely
  • a drawer with the name of your room, with cutlery
  • a refrigerator with a space dedicated to your room, marked with a label
  • a kettle
  • a microwave owen
  • an espresso coffee machine
  • sugar
  • tea and herbal tea bags
  • a washing area with washing machine and dryer

External washing area

Leaving the kitchen by the French door, on the left there is a balcony with a basin for washing clothes. At the handrail you will find a drying rack to put your wet clothes. In the summer, the sun and the ever-present breeze will make drying fast.



The garden

In the garden there are tables, chairs and a couple of sun loungers. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the evening breeze. The house is in fact located in a raised position above the sea, in a residential area on the edge of the town and close to the countryside. This means ventilation, cooler temperatures than the coast and more silence. 











The bike washing area

It is located close to the external wall on the north side. You will find a maintenance stand, accessories and specific products for washing, as well as a water hose with a gun. We invite you to use the washing station in the case of muddy bikes. However, it is not allowed to bring very dirty bikes in the room.

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