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Wake up to the chirping of birds. Have breakfast with homemade cakes and typical regional products. Spend the day outdoors, discovering a wonderful area by bike, an area made up of green hills, woods, valleys, medieval villages, lakes and mountains. Stop for a sandwich at a viewpoint. Take a break in a village bar for a coffee and a chat. End the day with a dip in the sea and a dinner in a typical restaurant.

This is Marche. This is Pedalare con lentezza.

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The location

(Photo by Giampietro Capancioni)


Porto Sant’Elpidio is a tourist town on the Adriatic Sea, located in the Marche region, in the province of Fermo, where geological events have produced a beautiful combination of landscape elements. Here, a few meters from the beach, the beautiful hills of the Marche , characterized by the perfect integration of human activities with nature, immediately begin to rise. The cultivated fields, the farmhouses, the villages with medieval historic centers, the “white roads” or “strade bianche”, the vineyards, the olive trees, everything leads back to an ancient world on a human scale that is the essence of this region even today. Discovering these places by bike can be a wonderful experience, which many then dream of repeating.

About fifty kilometers away, towards the west, rises the Sibillini chain, the famous Monti Azzurri, sung by the poet Giacomo Leopardi. Their silhouette is practically visible from anywhere in the province. Very often you’ll find yourself in panoramic points with a view of the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

Porto Sant’Elpidio is an ideal base for exploring the Marche region without giving up the comforts and entertainment typical of a town on the Adriatic coast.


The B&B


We are in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood, on the border between the town and the countryside. The slightly elevated position above sea level makes the area cooler than the coast. In particular, sunset is a beautiful time when you can enjoy the coolness of the breeze in the garden.

We have three double rooms, each with its own identity, which reflects the variety of the landscape of Marche.

Each room has air conditioning and a private bathroom.

For breakfast we offer homemade cakes and, on request, with a small surcharge, typical salty products of our region.

In the common area, each room has its own table, a space to use as a pantry, a space in the refrigerator.

There is also an airy and sunny balcony, with an external basin for washing clothes and drying racks with pins.

Breakfast is served from 7:00 until 9:30. Then you can enjoy breakfast on your own.

It is not possible to cook, but you can safely bring food and consume it in our common area, using your table and the dishes that we provide.

Pedalare con lentezza is a BnB specialized in welcoming cyclists. Each room has a special space for the storage of bikes.  You will not have to worry about your beloved two-wheeled vehicle, it will be in the room with you.

Outside we have set up a washing station for bikes, with a stand, water hose and specific cleaning products. We recommend not to bring muddy or wet bikes to the room.




If you are a cyclist you can have fun discovering the places by following the tracks of the itineraries in the blog, or by asking for advice from the owner of the BnB, Fabio, creator and curator of the website, always ready to talk about little-known roads or “cycling adventures and food and wine experiences”.

Here some routes starting from our B&B

The lower Chienti River, across hills, villages, sanctuaries and abbeys

The lower valley of the Chienti River. From Civitanova Marche to the hills of Macerata. The visit to suggestive sacred places, the crossing of medieval villages, the silent countryside and the rounded hills. All this in a pleasant and full of emotions itinerary.

The villages of Fermo and the "white roads"

The villages of Fermo and their territory in a gravel cycling tour. We will face, in addition to the little traffic paved roads, also our typical white roads (gravel roads), the country dirt roads and the cobblestones of the historic centers. The route is very demanding, with “walls” at 20% and descents that require extreme attention. There will often be the possibility of detours to shorten the route and make it less difficult.

The valley of Tenna and the ascent of San Procolo

Hilly and panoramic itinerary, with the typical “up and down” of the ridges of Tenna Valley. Presence of easy and enjoyable climbs, with some hard little ramps. Total kilometers will be more than 90. The ascent of San Procolo sticks out. It is less well known than others, but will be well remembered… 

The villages of Fermo: cycling between nature and history

The villages around Fermo in a hilly itinerary, with three easy climbs, some ramps a bit hard in the second one, a lot of panoramic views. During the tour you will accompanied by the view of the blue sea, the fields, the olive trees, the medieval villages on the top of the hills, the green valleys and the omnipresent scenery of Sibillini…

Town of Fermo, from Lido to the alleys of the historical center

Gravel itinerary very beautiful and complete, made up of dirt road, silent asphalt and cobblestones. The whole tour in the shadow of the village of Fermo, between the blue sea and the green hills.

The valley of Ete Morto

A short but challenging itinerary, through a typical Marche small valley. The Ete Morto valley, between the provinces of Fermo and Macerata. We will face some “walls” (short and demanding climbs), pleasant descents and others that do not allow distractions. Roads with almost no traffic and some urban stretches. We will cross characteristic medieval villages and cultivated hills, but we will always be a stone’s throw from the sea …

The valley of Ete Vivo: the sea and the countryside

The valley of Ete Vivo in an easy cycling route. From the sea of Porto Sant’Elpidio to the hills of Servigliano and then to the sea again. In the middle a lot of hills, fields, typical villages, the ever-present Sibillini scenery, the urban segment of Fermo. Never hard climbs that let you enjoy the view cycling.

The lower Tenna River Valley

 The lower valley of the River Tenna. A gravel itinerary that will lead us from the sea of Porto Sant’Elpidio to the hills of the interior of the province of Fermo. Silent, gravel and hidden dirt roads. A few passages in suggestive medieval villages. Easy climbs and also a couple of the typical “walls” of Marche. All that in a route with a high landscape value.

If you are not a sportsman but you want to have a nice outdoor experience, you can rely on our partners to rent an E-bike and cycle tour guides.

If you just want to rest and enjoy the sea you can take advantage of our BnB and the relaxing garden after a day spent on the beach.

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