Difficulty of itineraries

I didn’t classify the itineraries by levels of difficulty. There are many factors that influence the difficulty degree, that even depends on the level of training of a cyclist. Length, elevation gain, ramps with a very hard slope, but even the road conditions and the weather come together to make the perceived difficulty. In fact, I think that an apparently simple path (for example with length 50 km and elevation gain 400 m) can be difficult if you find a one-kilometer-long segment with more than 10% slope. That’s a typical situation of Marche hills, where you can find many real “walls”, became famous after some stage of Tirreno-Adriatico race.

The only classification in this blog is related to the total distance:

short itinerary: less than 50 km
medium itinerary: between 50 and 75 km
long itinerary: more than 75 km

However I provide a summary table, at the top of the post, in witch you can find the total distance, estimated elevation gain (more about this here), minimum elevation, maximum elevation, the maximum slope. Reading that you can make an initial evaluation of the itinerary’s difficulty. Then I recommend a full reading of the post, to get all the useful informations. 

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