This blog arises from my wish to share my passion for the bike and the territory I live in. It’s addressed to anyone who likes cycling on scenic routes, enjoying nature and the many medieval villages of the Marche Area. 

Another purpose is promoting bike tourism, especially in Marche Region, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and Macerata areas. In fact, I think that this area is very suitable for a cycling holiday, with the opportunity to go from the sea to the mountains in the same day. The beautiful Adriatic cost, the green hills with their medieval villages, the Monti Azzurri (Blue Mountains, as Giacomo Leopardi called the Sibillini Ridge) always as a scenery, the very good food and wine… These come together to make this region very good for anyone who wants to have a nice and unusual holiday in open air.    

My itineraries involve, as it’s possible, quiet and low traffic roads, because I like to cycling safely and peacefully. That means that rarely I will take a main road on the valley floor, but I’ll prefer a low traffic ridge route. The altimetry will be corrugated, with many climbs and descents, very hard situation if you’re not trained. This is a peculiar feature of our hills.

My vehicle is a road bike, so my itineraries involve only paved roads; uneven roads will be indicated.

What you’ll find in this blog

  • reports of my bike experiences 
  • detailed itinerary maps, with tips about hard segments, dangers, water points, food points, interesting places 
  • altimetric general profiles, detailed altimetries of interesting climbs
  • tracks and waypoints downloadable as gpx file
  • stories I have learned during my tours
  • tips for the “weekend cyclists” as I am

What You won’t find here

  • times, statistics and everything concerning competition; cycling means to me the conquest of peace that I lose during week, so I’m not interested in the athletic performance
  • references to competitive cycling; exceptions are the stories of great champions in the “Olympus of heroes” of this sport (Coppi, Bartali, Magni, Pantani…), inspirational men for several generations
  • technical contents: I’m not a mechanic; I do the cleaning and maintenance work just for what is necessary; I have my mechanic who knows his job better than me. 

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