How I make the itineraries


To record the track I use a GPS Garmin eTrex Touch 35t, equipped with a pressure altimeter.

Cycling, I record the waypoints on GPS: water point, interesting places, altimetry informations, hard slopes (eTrex 35 gives an enough reliable slope), dangerous intersections, uneven roads… 

To note the features of a waypoint I use a vocal recorder. I use it even to record my sensations, that I will develop in the related post. 

In addition, during the tour I stop to take pictures to put in the post. 

Once back home, I transfer track and waypoints to my computer and  elaborate them: correct the track when I need and remove the unnecessary segments, rename waypoint and classify them. 

Then I edit the altitude profile of the itinerary and the altimetry of the single climbs; to do it I use calculation sheets and graphics.

To make maps I use Google Maps, importing tracks and waypoints. 

Every itinerary is illustrated in a post, with the sensations I have felt during the tour. So a post won’t be a simply sequence of altimetries and pictures, but a real description of a bike experience.  Furthermore, I put in the post useful information that I can’t include in a gpx file, so, before following a track is always recommended to read the related post. 

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