Itineraries tutorial

For every itinerary, in addition to length, elevation gain, minimum and maximum elevation and maximum slope, I provide some tools to better prepare the bike tour. 

Map (Google Maps): the path is divided into different colored segments:  red for climbs, green for descents, yellow for mixed or flat segments. The typical corrugated altimetry of Marche hills makes the track multicoloured. On the map there are also the waypoints with their icons: water, slope, danger, GPM (Gran Premio della Montagna, highest points), interesting places. Click the icon to see the related informations or pictures. 

Altitude profile: on the profile you can find waypoints as villages and GPM.

Climbs altimetry: altimetric profile with distance and related elevation; I provide all the features of the climb: length, elevation gain, average and maximum grade; in addition the climb is divided into segments with a constant slope, related to average grade categories with different colors. For every segment is indicated length and average grade. I provide even the highest slopes and some interesting waypoint along the climb.

GPS track: I provide a downloadable gpx file with track and waypoints. You can import the file in your gps device and follow the track.

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