Breakfast is the most important meal, essential for starting any activity well, especially sports.

Our breakfast consists of homemade and typical products. 

Coffee, served until 10:00, will be the traditional one, made with mocha. After 10:00 you will have the pods for an espresso. The blend used is from a local roastery, placed a few kilometers from here.

Cakes are strictly made by us, following the simple and tasty recipes of our grandmothers.

The tart needs no introduction. You will evaluate the quality of the pastry and jams, homemade with fresh fruit from Marche.

For ciambellone (donut) it is worth spending a few words. “Lu ciammellottu se ‘ntrolla” (it’s custom to dip the donut) in milk, or in vino cotto (cooked wine, we do not recommend this wonderful typical drink in the morning), so it can’t be very soft; on the other hand, it must be fairly consistent and maintain its structure even when wet.

Other kind of cakes may appear on your table, especially if you’ll stay with us for several days.

As for the savory breakfast, which we prepare on request at the nigth before, we will prepare raw ham from this area, a mixed pecorino/cow’s milk cheese from Sibillini Mountains and the inevitable ciauscolo, a typical sausage from the Macerata area, ideal to spread on bread, coming from a nearby bakery.

We will also serve you organic fruit nectars and hot fresh whole milk. Of course, hot water will always be available for tea and herbal teas.
There are also cornflakes, rusks and glass-single-dose jams and fresh whole milk and fresh yogurt in the fridge.

After 11:30 we will clean the kitchen and the common area, but we will leave the uneaten cakes on your table, even for a afternoon snack.

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