The climb of Mount San Vicino from Matelica

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The ascent of Mount San Vicino from Matelica is one of the most beautiful and panoramic of the whole Marche region. About 13 kilometers, with challenging stretches that reach 15% of slope. During the whole ascent we will always have something to observe and admire, which will alleviate our pain. The beautiful colors of the meadows and trees, the characteristic village of Braccano, the magnificent view of the Esino valley. Undoubtedly the best climb to do on a beautiful Autumn day.


Summary table
Length 12,9 km
Elevation gain 873 m
Elevation loss 0 m
Min elevation 340 m
Max elevation 1213 m
Average gradient 6,8%
Max slope 15%


I’m leaving from the beautiful town of Matelica. The first 3.5 km are quite easy, with only a small 10% ramp. This allows you to warm up your muscles well before facing the true climb, that will arrive soon. So I come to the village of Braccano, the last one before the GPM. He is known as “the town of murals” and I immediately understand why. On the right appears a wolf that occupies almost the entire wall of a house. Then I see other beautiful pictures and decorations. I don’t stop, but plan to return to visit the village with my family and step further.


A beautiful wolf welcomes me at the entrance to the village of Braccano

Murales a Braccano

Murals in Braccano

altimetria salita monte san vicino

Immediately after the ascent becomes serious and the slope will remain on values of “true climb” almost up to the top. The road climbs with beautiful bends up the mountain side. There aren’t many trees, but we are in Autumn and the colors explode in their beauty. The view opens up more and more on the Esino valley. On the horizon we can clearly see the other “paradises” of Monte Cucco and Monte Catria. The road surface is excellent and, in the absolute silence, it is not rare to see horses and cows grazing peacefully in the green fields.

monte san vicino

The beautiful colors of Autumn going up towards Mount San Vicino

monte san vicino vista su valle esino

The view of the Esino valley climbing up the Mount San Vicino

The road climbs more and more. The slope is 13% and I read an inscription on the asphalt: “dai che spiana” (Come on! The road becomes flat!). Something suggests me not to believe it. In fact, the worst is yet to come. A stretch of about one kilometer with a slope always double-digit and ramps up to 15%. I reach the fork for Elcito and resist the temptation to turn right and visit the beautiful village; I will do it another time, today there is San Vicino and the pass is not far.

bivio elcito

The fork for Elcito

The slope comes to be easy. The road gradually becomes a nice flat stretch in the middle of the green fields. I reach the pass almost without realizing it. The feeling of peace and tranquility is wonderful. Silence is total. Cows graze quietly in the meadows. I stop and stay a while to contemplate the landscape and enjoy the moment after the effort made to get to this magical place.

presso valico monte san vicino

The road becomes flat at the pass

valico monte san vicino

The pass of Mount San Vicino

I proposed an itinerary that includes this beautiful climb in The land of Verdicchio. The climb of Mount San Vicino.

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